Message Regarding COMMERCIALS Contracts Successor Agreements

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Message Regarding COMMERCIALS Contracts Successor Agreements

Dear Member:

As the co-chairs of the Joint SAG/AFTRA Commercials Contracts Negotiating Committee, we are proud to recommend that you vote YES  to ratify the SAG and AFTRA Commercials Contracts successor agreements.

The contracts represent approximately $90 million in increased wages for actors—$36 million in the first year alone. 

Working together, our two unions negotiated strong improvements in all performer categories. That’s why the Joint SAG/AFTRA National Board of Directors and the Joint SAG/AFTRA Commercials Negotiating Committee both voted unanimously to approve these contracts and to recommend your YES vote to ratify them.

We encourage you to review details of these contracts by going to or If you still have questions, you can e-mail them to or

Remember that your ballot must be received in the Everett, WA, Post Office Box by 5:00 p.m. PDT on May 21, 2009.

VOTE YES on your Commercials ballot. It’s a deal we all can get behind.

Sue-Anne Morrow                                           Roberta Reardon
SAG Chair                                                     AFTRA Chair

ATTENTION SAG Members: TV/THEATRICAL ballots will be mailed on May 19. This is a separate ballot from the COMMERCIALS ballot. Do not be confused. Please vote on EACH referendum and return EACH ballot separately by their respective due date.

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