SAG-AFTRA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against discrimination and harassment of its members and others employed under its collective bargaining agreements.

If you believe you have experienced workplace harassment or unlawful discrimination, call your union at (855) SAG-AFTRA / (855) 724-2387 and press 1.

844-SAFER SET / (844) 723-3773


These numbers are always available on the back of your membership card, the Help Center on the website and on your member app.


For workplace harassment support services, including counseling and referrals, call the number below for the office nearest you. This service is provided in partnership with SAG-AFTRA,the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, and The Actors Fund.

Through its outreach and engagement with employers, the union is committed to ensuring that its members have the opportunity to work in environments that are free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and any other form of inappropriate workplace behavior. For more information on the rights of SAG-AFTRA members, click here. 

If a SAG-AFTRA member believes that he or she has been the victim of unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace, immediately report the incident to SAG-AFTRA’s EEO & Diversity Department at 1-800-724-0767.

SAG-AFTRA takes all incidents of harassment and discrimination seriously and seeks maximum confidentiality for the affected party. Formal complaints filed with SAG-AFTRA shall be processed appropriately based on the union's internal guidelines and policies.

Has your agent discriminated against or harassed you?

SAG-AFTRA members are also protected from discrimination and sexual harassment from agents and their representatives. Agents must place the interest of the member above their own and shall never consider or act upon their own interests when they are adverse to the interests of the member. In addition, those agents franchised under Rule 12-C are bound by the non-discrimination provision found within that agreement.

To file a complaint against an agent, contact the EEO & Diversity Department. 

How to contact us

The EEO & Diversity Department can be reached by email, phone or through a 24-hour emergency hotline:

EmailPhone24/7 Emergency Hotline 549-6644 OR (212) 827-1542(844) Safer Set / (844) 723-3773

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