Los Angeles Local Committee

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Los Angeles Local Committee



These Los Angeles local committees, in collaboration with applicable SAG-AFTRA national committees, serve to advocate on behalf of specific SAG-AFTRA members either working under a specific collective bargaining agreement or a specific classification of SAG-AFTRA members. They also create and implement programs, projects and initiatives that serve those members.

Background Actors: The Background Actors Committee is committed to addressing issues and concerns of those members who do background, stand-in and photo-double work through member advocacy, outreach and education, organizing through participation in industry events, and by making recommendations to either staff or the Los Angeles Local Board.

Board Replacement: The Board Replacement Committee’s focus is to establish and implement an approved methodology for National Board of Director replacement for all National Board meetings and plenary meetings, as needed, so that the Los Angeles Local Board is fully represented at all National Board meetings.

Broadcast Steering: The Broadcast Steering Committee (BSC) will review, discuss and make recommendations to the Los Angeles Local Board on all matters regarding broadcast jurisdiction including minimum standards, internal and external organizing efforts in broadcast jurisdictions, as well as larger policy issues affecting broadcast industry/members. The BSC also conducts informational and educational programs for members related to current and anticipated issues in broadcasting.

Communications: The Communications Committee provides guidance to the Los Angeles Local department in its efforts to educate the local membership about the union and its contracts; to raise SAG-AFTRA’s public profile; to build pride in membership and strengthen their bargaining position and; to create, protect and produce and distribute materials that support these activities.

Conservatory: The Los Angeles Conservatory Committee works on a local level to encourage, supervise and create programs through the Conservatory, which benefit SAG-AFTRA members. Overseen by dedicated professionals, the Conservatory offers members a means to nurture their talents, mechanics and skills through workshops, seminars and AFI student projects. The goal is to lead to a better understanding of the role of the professional actor in the business of acting and to a more successful and productive career.

Dancers: The Dancers Committee is committed to addressing issues unique to the dance community, proactively raising awareness of safety concerns by increasing education and outreach.

Ethnic Employment Opportunities (EEO): The Ethnic Employment Opportunities Committee (EEOC) works to increase opportunities for members of any and all racial/ethnic groups so that the American scene is accurately reflected in all areas of the workforce. The EEOC explores ways to promote diversity by educating members and industry stakeholders on the value of inclusion and the contractual policies of non-discrimination and fair employment.

Film Society: The Hollywood Film Society Committee sets the calendar and selects films for each season of the film society, including special Q&A events and bonus screenings. They also manage the various membership issues that arise throughout the year and approve the annual budget for the program.

Government Affairs & Public Policy (LA GAPP): The Government Affairs & Public Policy Committee works with the GAPP department and the Los Angeles Executive Director to develop, discuss and pursue local and California legislative and public policy initiatives that help to both protect and expand the rights of California SAG-AFTRA members. The committee often partners with other organizations with similar interests on policy matters that further the welfare of SAG-AFTRA members and the industries in which they work.

Government Review: The Government Review Committee assists the Los Angeles Local governing body of SAG-AFTRA by studying, analyzing and thoroughly considering opportunities, problems and issues that may arise in connection with the governance of the local, ultimately formulating recommendations to those bodies for action, or exercising delegated authority.

Health Care Safety Net: The Health Care Safety Net Committee assembles and communicates healthcare information as well as organizes programs that inform, educate and benefit both uninsured and underinsured members including traditional and alternative health fairs, clinics, screenings, seminars and events.

Honors and Tributes: The Los Angeles Local Honors and Tributes Committee oversees all honors, tributes and awards given by the union in Los Angeles, subject to approval by the National HAT Committee. The committee’s mission is to identify, select and honor deserving individuals who have given excellent service and made exemplary contributions to SAG-AFTRA, its members and the community of entertainment and media professionals. The committee selects the recipient of the Ralph Morgan Award.

LA Host: The LA Host Committee works with the Special Projects department to plan both the annual SAG Awards Viewing Party and the annual Member Winter Celebration.

Los Angeles Local Member Area: The Los Angeles Member Area Committee (LA MAC) oversees the layout, décor and materials for distribution for the Ken Howard Membership Center and other Los Angeles Local member areas.

Member Orientation: The Member Orientation Committee presents an informational meeting that outlines services available to SAG-AFTRA members. The committee provides input and oversees the presentation. Various organizations and SAG-AFTRA staff often participate as well.

Military Personnel and Family Support (LA MPFS): The LA Military Personnel and Families Support Committee is committed to supporting active duty service members, veterans and their families as they have committed their service to their country and protected Americans freedom to assemble. Their goal is to create unique and innovative programs and events to showcase and support veterans, including men and women currently serving and honorably discharged, along with those who are members of SAG-AFTRA.

MOVE: MOVE is a non-partisan, member-driven committee, dedicated to supporting the initiatives of SAG-AFTRA and positively influencing the lives of actors and performers. Through trainings, forums and events, MOVE provides member education, organizes to both create more union employment and strengthen existing contracts, and promotes union solidarity within the labor community. NextGen Performers (NGP), a sub-committee of MOVE, consists of SAG-AFTRA members who encourage young adult professional members to take control of their careers, get involved and get active through social media, social networking, meet-ups, tweet-ups, community outreach, special events and much more.

Open Board Meeting: The Open Board Meeting Committee oversees the process for open local board meetings in Los Angeles. Members of the committee also advise observing members on proper protocol when attending Los Angeles Local Board meetings.

Organizing: The Organizing Committee is dedicated to supporting and engaging organizing efforts in negotiations, work actions and campaigns designed to educate, empower and increase membership in the community of working performers and media professionals. Serving as an advisory entity, the committee works directly with the SAG-AFTRA Organizing department to identify organizing opportunities and assist in fulfilling goals set by the Los Angeles Local Board by implementing coordinated strategies within the national landscape of locals.

Promo / Trailer Announcers: The Promo / Trailer Announcers Caucus addresses issues and concerns of those members who do promotional and trailer work through member advocacy, outreach and education, organization by way of industry events, and recommendations to either staff or the Los Angeles Local Board.

Radio Plays: The SAG-AFTRA Radio Plays Committee (SARP) produces radio plays and workshops that provide an opportunity for members to showcase their talent(s) to as many people in and out of the entertainment industry as they possibly can in a fun, safe, clean, diverse, supportive, entertaining and educational environment. By producing and workshopping these events, the committee illuminates and illustrates the origins of SAG-AFTRA’s past and encourages members to become more involved in their union through performance and leadership. Events take place at both the SAG-AFTRA Plaza and the Autry Museum in Griffith Park, and are open to the public as well as the industry.

Reinstatement Obligation Review: The Reinstatement Obligation Review Committee (RORC) reviews and determines course of action for cases of terminated members due to reasons of non-payment and considers their reinstatement requests.

Seniors: The Seniors Committee’s primary aim is to increase employment opportunities and improve work conditions for SAG-AFTRA seniors by promoting more open attitudes with respect to casting and the way in which seniors are portrayed in entertainment and news media. The committee also addresses issues facing retired members and those who may be approaching retirement by focusing on the areas of health care, residuals, pensions, social security, Medicare and unemployment insurance.

Singers: The Singers Committee’s purpose is to engage, unify, educate and organize the singers’ community at large in order to address specific areas of enforcement and to serve as a liaison to the National Board in voicing those interests and issues unique to this community.

Stand-In / Rehearsal: The Stand-In / Rehearsal Committee reviews, discusses and makes recommendations to the Los Angeles Local Board on all matters regarding standards for members doing stand-in / rehearsal work.

Stunt & Safety: The Stunt & Safety Committee is committed to addressing issues unique to the stunt community and proactively raising awareness of safety concerns to ensure the highest safety standards for all performers in the entertainment industry.

Voice-Over Performers: The Voice-Over Performers Committee advocates for the interests of SAG-AFTRA VO performers in the core function areas identified by the National Board, and addresses matters of importance to the VO community in Los Angeles. The committee’s aim is to identify and address the specific interests and issues of the broad-based VO community to the extent that they may differ from other performance work.

Women’s: The Women's Committee works to influence and improve the quality and quantity of employment opportunities for female members across all media platforms. Through collaboration, education and advocacy, it encourages positive and diverse images of women and the elimination of stereotypes, ageism and gender bias to better reflect the American scene in the entertainment and news industries.

Young Performers: The Young Performers Committee represents the interests of that valued segment of SAG-AFTRA who are underage. The committee exists to ensure the welfare and protection of employed minors. This includes but is not limited to a physically and psychologically safeguarded work environment, access to adequate education and health services, financial protections and the prevention of any exploitation or discrimination whatsoever. The committee believes that employed minors often require greater protections, guidance and resources than their adult counterparts. Through outreach, the committee endeavors to prepare young performers for the unique challenges that they may encounter. The committee also strives to engage and mentor young performers so that they may become full participants in the working of their union and to ensure that any minor employed in the entertainment industry is protected, supported and enriched by their experience as professional artists.