Myth #3

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SAG-AFTRA leaders in Texas realize many myths exist about being a union member in a ‘right-to-work’ state. To bust these myths and arm you with the facts, a Top 10 Myths list has been created. These myth-busting facts also include additional resources to help you steer your career in the right direction.
We believe you will find this information helpful and want you to join us - your fellow members - to grow the union market in our community. To find out how you can be a part of our Texas Leadership Think Tank, please contact Trish Avery at

 MYTH #3:
“Unions are losing membership”

FACT: SAG-AFTRA membership in Texas is at its highest level EVER.
FACT: Records prove that, after joining the union, performers in Texas actually increased their union earnings.

FACT: More actors are joining the union in Texas because as one member said, “I was sick of being paid less, paid late and paid for jobs I didn’t even really want to do anymore.” B.A.
As another member said,

“I became a member because I wanted to be a professional actor.” B. B.

FACT: Prior to SAG-AFTRA, actors worked on films with unrestricted hours, with no required meal breaks, under seven-year contracts that could not be broken and for which they could not even choose the roles they played. Producers could tell actors who to marry, what their professional name was and even what morals and political opinions to hold. Can you imagine living your life as an actor this way?  Thanks to SAG-AFTRA, you don't have to.

FACT: There is power in numbers. The more union members we have, the more union work. The collective strength of performers working together can change a market.  After all, performers who banded together in 1933 changed the market in Hollywood forever when they formed SAG. Click here to learn about the fascinating history of SAG. And click here - LINK TK - to learn about the history of AFTRA.

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