Myth #4

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SAG-AFTRA leaders in Texas realize many myths exist about being a union member in a ‘right-to-work’ state. To bust these myths and arm you with the facts, a Top 10 Myths list has been created. These myth-busting facts also include additional resources to help you steer your career in the right direction.
We believe you will find this information helpful and want you to join us - your fellow members - to grow the union market in our community. To find out how you can be a part of our Texas Leadership Think Tank, please contact Trish Avery at

MYTH #4:
"I can work 'off the card’…just this once. “

Not without consequences.
FACT: Working "off the card" means doing non-union work. It also means you’re not protected if something goes wrong on that production or if you do not receive pay in a timely manner - or at all. 

FACT: You could jeopardize future jobs. For example, if you work a non-union buyout for a local car dealership, then you can’t book a future national union spot, like Ford, because you would violate exclusivity with the non-union job.

FACT: You endanger your union standing. When you became a member, you promised to abide by Rule 1: “No member shall work as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with SAG-AFTRA which is in full force and effect.” This provision is worldwide. Rules have been established by members to protect members. Violating these rules can result in disciplinary action. Click here for more information about Global Rule One.

FACT: People talk. When you work “off the card,” you tarnish not only your reputation, but also that of your union. Unions are only as strong as their members. In order to maintain industry standards, it’s vital that we all work together. Any performer working non-union is lowering the standards for themselves and everyone else. So... why would you even want to work “off the card”? 

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