Myth #2

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SAG-AFTRA leaders in Texas realize many myths exist about being a union member in a ‘right-to-work’ state. To bust these myths and arm you with the facts, a Top 10 Myths list has been created. These myth-busting facts also include additional resources to help you steer your career in the right direction.
We believe you will find this information helpful and want you to join us - your fellow members - to grow the union market in our community. To find out how you can be a part of our Texas Leadership Think Tank, please contact Trish Avery at

MYTH #2:
“There are no benefits for union actors  in Texas.”

FACT: Being a union member in Texas means you can work union jobs anywhere in the country.

FACT: Union actors have the potential to turn non-union work union. After all, what non-union producer would become a signatory for a non-union actor?!

FACT:  Union membership means a great deal. Click here to see your fellow distinguished SAG-AFTRA members and learn more about why membership is important.

FACT: Membership has its benefits in every state. Click here to see the many benefits you’re entitled to as a member, such as:

  • Free admittance or significant discounts to ProACT, Houston Conservatory, and Austin Actors Conservatory
  • Union Plus Benefits and Services, discounts and assistance for union members
  • Branch e-newsletters and production listings that keep you informed about happenings in your market
  • The AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union
  • Scholarships through the SAG Foundation
  • Free webpage and national casting opportunities through iActor
  • Discounts on hundreds of services and products

FACT: When a producer doesn’t pay or violates a contract provision, unions provide legal services to get performers money owed to them.

FACT: SAG-AFTRA provides a strong unified voice on behalf of artists’ rights. As a member, you have a voice. You can affect change in your union by participating on local committees or serving as an elected leader. Click here to learn how SAG-AFTRA’s governance works.

Here’s what some of your fellow Texas members have said about their union membership:

“I believe in what the unions stand for: professionalism, fair wages and working conditions, health and retirement benefits, solidarity, and self-respect. I also believe you have to fight for your rights, and that, although the best things in life are free...professional talent services shouldn’t be one of them.” B.A.

“I consider being professional as being a member of the professional guilds, with identifying myself as a player in the biggest game of the profession.” J.A.

Questions? Call your local union office at (214) 363-8300.