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Helpful Hints

This information will be helpful in getting you started in the professional community by familiarizing you with union contract information specific to Texas.

Texas Regional Commercials Code

A modification of SAG-AFTRA’s national Commercials Contract providing reduced terms and conditions for projects “made in/played in” Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


One of the most popular agreements utilized locally is the OPO, or One-Production-Only contract. Its purpose is to provide union members the protection and benefits of a union agreement and introduce employers to working with our professional talent pool. OPO Agreements are available for work under the Texas Regional Commercials Code and the Industrial and Educational Contract, as well as the Interactive Agreement.

Texas Industrial Waiver

Texas currently has a waiver to the national Corporate-Educational Contract whereby producers need not offer SAG-AFTRA contracts to non-professional performers. This allows producers to maximize their talent budget and place professionals in key roles.

Texas 500-Mile Travel Waiver

The Producer does not have to pay travel time to the performer for travel to and from the Producer’s location on days when no other services are rendered.

When a performer residing in an area other than California or New York (or any other local which does not desire to be included in this waiver) is engaged as a Day Performer under the SAG Theatrical and Television Agreements, and is required by the Producer to travel to an overnight location that is within a 500 mile radius of the performer’s residence, the performer shall receive the following:

  1. Transportation to and from location. (The travel time to and from the location will not be paid.)
  2. Lodging and per diem while on location if performer is required to stay overnight.

Please be advised that all other travel time provisions set forth in the Agreements are applicable. This includes but is not limited to the provisions requiring payment to the performer for travel time for travel to and from the Producer’s location on days when other services are rendered. Performers residing in areas not included in this waiver shall be entitled to all payments as set forth in the “Travel Time” Section of the Basic Agreement.

Low-Budget Film Agreements

An area of major importance in Texas is the low-budget, independent film industry. The Texas staff continually outreaches to the community of producers in this arena to encourage signing Guild agreements and utilizing Union members.

Ready When You Are

Union contracts set standard wages and working conditions for commercials, television, motion pictures, and corporate/educational – the four major sources of employment for members in Texas. But Union contracts also include music videos, infomercials, and new technologies such as interactive media and the Internet. It is imperative that members know an employer has become signatory to a SAG-AFTRA agreement before accepting employment.


The Texas staff is here to be of service to you so please contact us at (800) 922-3872, or (214) 363-8300 if you have any questions.

Texas Workforce Commission Ch. 817 – Child Labor
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