Radio Players

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Radio As You May Remember It!

In 1997, the Seniors Committee of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild formed the AFTRA/SAG Radio Players (now the SAG-AFTRA Radio Players) for the purpose of keeping alive the uniqueness of radio as the theater of the imagination.

Several times a year audiences are invited to witness the performance of classic radio scripts by voice actors, sound effects artists employing as many manual devices as possible, and, often, a real, live keyboard player. And the SAG-AFTRA Radio Players stay faithful to the original model by having to get it right the first time--no retakes permitted. Some of the group's actors appeared in network radio drama when Chicago was a major production center. All the members of the troupe are professionals who made, and, in many instances, continue to make their livings before microphones and in front of cameras and audiences.