Hiring Young Performers in Utah

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Utah Child Labor Laws

If a producer is signatory to any AFTRA, SAG, or SAG-AFTRA contract, all provisions regarding minors must be strictly observed.
Enforcement and administration of Utah’s youth employment laws (Utah Code Ann. § 34-23-1) fall under the jurisdiction of the Utah Labor Commission.

For more information regarding the employment of child performers in Utah, you may visit the Department’s website at http://laborcommission.utah.gov/divisions/AntidiscriminationAndLabor/x_employment_of_youth.html.

Inquiries or claims relating to Utah’s youth employment laws should be directed to:

Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner
PO Box 146600, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6600
Office: 801-530-6800 
Email: laborcom@utah.gov