Ken Howard Memorial Wall

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President Ken Howard Memorial Wall

Yes, there was a Ken before Broadway and Hollywood. In the mid-60s Ken played the older brother in a production of Long Day’s Journey into Night at Amherst College. I was in the audience because a friend of mine was dating him, I was a curious theater major from nearby Smith College, and ok, yes, I’d heard he was gorgeous. And was he ever! But what shines out for me, fifty years later, is the great reach of anguish and authority in his performance. He acted beyond the stage, beyond words. How lucky we are that he built on that promise.
-Cheryl Chalmers

After merger, I remember when Ken came to visit us at 260 Madison Ave. He wanted to hear our comments and concerns. I told him how I remembered his announcement at the SAG Awards that we would merge soon, and it happened! I also told him I used to watch The White Shadow, and asked whether he was still in touch with some of the actors, and he related he was. I am so happy I got the chance to meet Ken before and after merger. There are so many of us who will miss him. I wish his wife and family well!
-Connie Best

The work that Ken did throughout the years made us stronger as a union and kept food on the table for my family. Thank you Ken Howard, rest in peace.
-Rafael Apache Gonzalez

I'm truly saddened by the loss of Ken Howard. My deepest condolences to his family and friends, and my deepest appreciation for his service to our industry.
-Kate Kennedy

I worked with Ken in Rage of Angels many years ago. I played a maid. He was cordial, friendly and sat down with me and chatted, although he was the star. A wonderful and gracious man. He will be missed.
-Olga Molina Tobin

Thank you Ken for your hard work to unite SAG-AFTRA, leaving us a united force no longer fighting each other. You will be missed. My heart go out to your family.
-Eugenia S Raines

Ken's letters to the membership were always positive and uplifting. I don't remember anything negative about his Presidency. He will be missed. Thank you Ken for all you did for us all. Rest in Peace Ken, you earned it.
-Larry Mullane

I was very sad to hear the news of SAG-AFTRA National President Ken Howard passing away. I enjoyed listening to him talk to everyone in Chicago, Illinois five years ago. I remember how kind and genuine he was. It was good to meet and have my picture taken with Ken Howard. Everybody will miss you.
-John Paul Tapia

My deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of our ever-cherished SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard. May Ken Rest in flourishing peace, per his tireless gratitude, humility, compassion, respect, and passion, both for our industry, and mankind. His prominent devotion and integrity is a lasting inspiration and blessing to us all.
-Diane Acciavatti

Knowing that Ken was at the helm of our Union made me feel safe, which is a rare feeling these days. He led us all out of the mess we were in when he first started as President. He put together a great team of people who shared his vision to keep us strong and united. He had great humor, dignity and grace.  We were lucky to have him in our lives. He will be missed. 
-Linda Stroh