Ken Howard Memorial Wall

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President Ken Howard Memorial Wall

Thank you for your extraordinary contribution to the success of our union. A light has gone out. Rest in Peace, Ken Howard.

-Carol O’Leary

As a Chicago-based actor and proud SAG-AFTRA member, I send my condolences. Ken was a great union leader, and will be missed. Now he has the best seat in the house.

-Ann Hagemann

I was a National Board member of SAG for 28 years, representing Colorado, and I worked toward merger of SAG and AFTRA from the very beginning of my service. I always felt it was necessary for all actors and performers to be under one umbrella. Ken headed the union when this monumental action took place. I will always be grateful to those who undertook this incredible merger. Thank you Ken Howard for leading us into the modern era. And to those who follow in his footsteps – continue to keep performers safe and protected through our contracts. We will miss your leadership. Thank you for your incredible service. 

-Kathryn Christopher

What a great actor. He will truly be missed.

-Zondra Wilson

I am a SAG-AFTRA member from Pittsburgh and I received my SAG eligibility and card in 2009. Mr. Howard sent me a welcome letter. I actually talked to him on the phone once, before he was president and before I was SAG-AFTRA. I immediately felt a connection to him. He had an energy to him that seemed immortal, even while he was alive. I don't think there will be another leader like him again, for he was too special. I regret never meeting him, but I feel he will be with me always in spirit as well as with all my brothers and sisters in SAG-AFTRA. I will cherish Mr. Howard forever – words don’t compare to the impression you left on me, or the legacy you leave behind. Go to the stars where you belong, 

-Bill Ehrin 

Growing up in a household with two brothers, The White Shadow became part of our life.  I will never forget Ken for introducing me to basketball. I'm happy to say that as a mom, I have introduced my two boys to basketball. Thank you Ken for all your memorable moments. You will truly be missed. My deepest condolences. 

-Angela Cove

Ken, thank you for your contribution to art, the craft, and sports: you will be missed. As a young lad, I was a huge fan of The White Shadow. I grew up being unusually athletic and good at basketball, but I was also an artist, a dreamer. I strove to be an artist who played basketball, much to the chagrin of my peers. They didn't understand my duality.  It was you "Coach" that let me be comfortable in what I was, to do what I want, to keep dreaming. Follow the light, it is you.

-Erich Fleshman

I always appreciated the warmth and kind nature he conveyed – it was truly palpable. Sincere condolences to his family and friends, sending warm thoughts. 

-Ernie Grunwald

Ken's work on The White Shadow is indelible in my mind, and was one of the main reasons I became an actor. Thank you, White Shadow, for inspiring this kid.

-Andy Rolfes

Ken, your strength and dedication were, and always will be, a great inspiration. Rest in Peace.

-Bonnie Berger

Rest in Peace Ken Howard. We lost a great actor and leader. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Stay strong. 

-Joe Sernio