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The Official E-Newsletter of the Houston Branch
The Official E-Newsletter of the Houston Branch
June 2011


Trish Avery
Houston Branch Executive Director

As summer begins, we start to focus on family activities — but our industry never seems to take a vacation. Productions from commercials to video games, from television to Web series to film and back — all continue to move forward at an ever-growing pace.

Keeping up with who’s who is hard enough, but what’s what just got easier. SAG launched its online Production Center in May and it is already enjoying great praise. The SAG Production Center not only provides valuable contract information to producers and performers, but also offers an online signatory process for new media, student, short, ultra low budget and corporate-educational projects.

The Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA) announced the results of a difficult legislative session with the passage of a state budget that includes $30 million in funding for the Texas Moving Image Incentive Program. An additional $2 million for film and music administration and marketing is included in the Governor’s Trusteed Programs budget. 

A recent study by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Texas at Austin found that the Moving Image Industry Incentive Program is a valuable investment in Texas’ economy. For every dollar the program paid to the industry, the private sector received a return of $18.72. To date, $58.1 million has been spent on the Moving Image Incentive Program, which produced $1.1 billion in total economic impact in Texas.

Houston will host the upcoming TXMPA annual membership meeting on July 23, 2011. All industry segments will attend and members are encouraged to participate. For more information on the study and the annual meeting, visit txmpa.org.

Corporate/Educational Contract Ratified

Members of both SAG and AFTRA overwhelmingly accepted the three-year contract terms for the jointly negotiated Producers-Screen Actors Guild 2011 Codified Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast Contract and the AFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Corporate/Educational Recorded Material. Minimum compensation increased by 2 percent effective May 1, 2011 and will increase by another 2 percent effective November 1, 2012. Members also receive a bump in P&H contributions, from 15.3 percent to 15.5 percent.

New day rates for on-camera principals are now $480.50 for Category I and $597.50 for Category II. On-camera narrator/spokesperson is $873.50 for Category I and $1,035.50 for Category II. For definitions of the categories and a complete look at the contract, click here.

The Actors Fund – Every Artist Insured

In May, Daniel Kitowski of the Actors Fund presented an informative workshop hosted by SAG, AFTRA and AEA, and attended by all industry segments. The workshop provided relevant health insurance information to the attendees. For information on The Actors Fund services and programs, visit actorsfund.org.

  Actors Fund Workshop

Welcome New and Transfer Members to the Houston Branch

New: Michael Barela, Shad J. Gaspard, Yankie Grant, Christopher Stephen James
Transferred In:  Gretchen Akers,  Sam Bassey, Paul Michael Bloodgood, Ray Burch, Lisa Cangelosi, Drew Carr, Calvin Chrane, Richard Lane Clark, Sonny Davis, Adrienne Dixon, Sara Epstein, Stan Farber, Annette Celeste Gagnon, Douglas Goff , Jennifer Griffin, Kristin Haber, Jeff Haber, René Hall, Carol Hickey, Booker T. Huffman, Sally Jackson, Rebecca Janda, Jann Jones, Heather Kafka, Mark Kubiak, Delaney Jo Liming, Lisa Valleau Mallory, Angela McClure, Lathan McKay, Donne McRae, Justice Miller, Princess Angelica Miller, Eric Perardi, A.K. Raymond, Eliana A. Reyes, Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Mary Elizabeth Stallings, Pab Schwendimann, Stephen P. Thompson, Artist Thornton, Tom Tran, Todd Waite, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson