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The Official E-Newsletter of the Hawaii Branch
The Official E-Newsletter of the Hawaii Branch
December 2010


On December 4 the Joint National Board of Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on November 7 – a deal which it is now recommending to the respective union memberships.

Eligible SAG and AFTRA members will vote on the proposed successor agreement to the Producer-Screen Actors Guild Codified Basic Agreement for feature motion pictures, scripted network primetime television and pay television programs; Exhibit A of the AFTRA National Code of Fair Practice for Network Television Broadcasting, covering scripted network primetime and pay television programs; and The CW Supplement, which applies to both unions.

The board passed the motion to approve and send to the memberships a recommendation of a “yes” vote by 89.29 percent to 10.71 percent.

Ratification ballots mailed to all eligible AFTRA and SAG members on Friday, December 10, with a return deadline of 5 p.m. (PST),  January 14, 2011. Due to the holidays, the time period for reviewing and returning ballots will be extended to five weeks (rather than the traditional three-week time period) in order to afford every member the opportunity to carefully review the terms of the proposed agreements before voting. Tabulation will occur immediately upon the conclusion of balloting.

Additionally, informational meetings for members will be scheduled in select cities across the country including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Also on December 4, the National Board of Screen Actors Guild overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement reached with the AMPTP on November 10 regarding the new Basic Cable Live Action, Basic Cable Animation and Television Animation agreements.

The National Board voted to send the Basic Cable Live Action tentative agreement to the membership for ratification by mailed ballot with the Board's positive recommendation. Those ballots will be mailed to eligible SAG members in late January, with an expected return date in early February. Tabulation will occur immediately upon the conclusion of balloting.

The board ratified the smaller Basic Cable Animation and Television Animation contracts directly, effective upon the ratification of the Television and Motion Picture contracts.

Both sets of contracts expire on June 30, 2011, and all of the agreements are for three years. Highlights of these tentative agreements include:

• A 6% wage increase over the term of the agreement, with 2% in each of the three years, effective July 1, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

• A 10% increase in the current rate of employer contributions paid to the Screen Actors Guild Pension & Health Plans (and AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds under the jointly negotiated contract), bringing the total contribution rate to 16.5% effective July 1, 2011. This represents the largest dollar value increase to the plans, under these contracts, since the plans were founded and is the largest percentage increase to the plans in more than two decades.

For more details on these tentatively approved deals, including deal highlights, visit SAG.org.


ADR Model & Talent Agency 
45-1123 Kamehameha Hwy., Suite #D
Kaneohe, HI  96744
Agent: Ryan Brown
Subagent: Nazarene Anderson
Phone: (808) 596-2524
Fax: (866) 702-2524
E-mail: info@adragency.com

Kathy Muller Talent & Modeling Agency
619 Kapahulu Avenue, Penthouse
Honolulu, HI  96815
Agent: Kathy Muller
Subagent: Joy Kam
Phone: (808) 737-7917
Fax: (808) 734-3026
E-mail: info@kathymuller.com


The Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
When: Monday, January 17, 2011, 8:45 a.m.
Where: Meet at Ala Moana Beach Park at the Ulu Malu area near the canoes. 

Be sure to wear your SAG Hawaii T-shirt, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen and water.

The parade route is from the Ala Moana Beach park through Waikiki to Kapiolani Park.
If you do not have a SAG T-shirt, you can pick one up at the SAG office. The cost is $10. Call or e-mail Brenda at bching@sag.org

The Conservatory Presents “The Art of Imagination”

with Jeanne Rogers

When: Thursday, January 20, 7-9:30 p.m. 
Where: Studio 909 located at 949 Kapiolani Blvd.
Class limit: 16
Length of class: Two and a half to three hours
Cost: $5 for conservatory members; $15 for non-conservatory members
(You must be an active, paid-up SAG member.)
RSVP to Brenda Ching at bching@sag.org or call (808) 596-0388, press 1# and leave a message. You must send check/money order to confirm your reservation. Check or money order should be made payable to the SAG Conservatory and mailed no later than Monday, January 17, 2010, to: SAG Conservatory, 949 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 105, Honolulu, HI  96814.


Tuesday, January 11, 3:30 p.m. at the SAG office.
Thursday, February 10, 3:30 p.m. at the SAG office.
Tuesday, March 15, 3:30 p.m. at the SAG office.

All meetings are held at the SAG office located at 949 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 105, Honolulu, HI  96814.

Please RSVP with bching@sag.org or call (808) 596-0388, press #1 and leave a message if you plan to attend.

Note: Be sure to bring your new membership packet to the meeting.


Pension & Health
(800) 777-4013

General Information
(800) 724-0767

SAG/AFTRA Federal Credit Union
(800) 826-6946

SAG Foundation
(323) 549-6649

Hawaii Branch Office
(808) 596-0388
949 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 105
Honolulu, HI  96814


National Board Member Report

By Scott Rogers

First, as always, thank you for allowing me to represent your interests on the National Board. I just got back from a (very) quick trip to L.A. to vote on our proposed contracts for Theatrical/ TV and for Basic Cable. Your National Board voted overwhelmingly (by more than 89 percent) to pass the TV/Theatrical and Exhibit A Contracts and send them on to the membership with our recommendation. Likewise, we voted even more overwhelmingly to pass the tentative Basic Cable Agreement and send it on to the membership, too.

Highlights of the tentative agreements (both cable and TV/Theatrical) include:
• The term of the agreement is three years, commencing July 1, 2011.
• A 6 percent wage increase over the term of the agreement, with 2 percent in each of the three years, effective July 1, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
• A 10 percent increase in the current rate of employer contributions paid to the Screen Actors Guild Pension & Health Plans and AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds, bringing the total contribution rate to 16.5 percent effective July 1, 2011. This represents the largest percentage increase and dollar value increase to the plans under these contracts in more than two decades!

The TV/Theatrical proposal also includes:
• Two additional background positions in theatrical and one additional background position in television in the Western Zones.
• An expansion of major role provisions to apply to new pay television series commencing in their second season.
• Expanded union coverage over made for new media productions.
• Increases in the area of money and schedule breaks.
• Improved contract language to increase equal employment opportunities for union performers.

While there are things that could have been better, I voted for this contract because I believe (along with 90 percent of our National Board) that this is the best deal we can get in the current economic climate. At a time when other unions are getting zero percent increases in their contracts, six percent over three years is good. This contract will also give us three years to focus on the best way to merge SAG and AFTRA, so all performers are under one roof. When you receive your ballot in the mail for the proposed agreements, VOTE YES!

If you have any questions about the proposed contracts or wish to give me any input for the National Board, you can reach me through Brenda at the SAG Hawaii Branch office.

Aloha and mahalo!

Branch President’s Message

By Glenn Cannon

Is there anyone in our 650-plus SAG membership that is unaware of the volume of work hitting our shores, and therefore what that means for talent? I'm speaking here of principal roles, folks, PRINCIPAL ROLES! Casting directors have stated that they must be very picky in bringing in local talent to audition, because the level of ability must be at a high level, a professional level, and actors must be truly knowledgeable and skillful to get the opportunity to be cast. Therefore, I urge you to go to acting classes in our community to heighten your talent and skills as they apply to film acting. (There really are differences between stage and film/TV acting, although the very basic work is the same.)

Classes: first, our conservatory, dirt cheap and wonderfully useful.

Private classes: several good people teach steadily throughout the year, among them, Scott Rogers and Wayne Ward. If you are a student, my classes are available at the University of Hawaii and at Hawaii Pacific University, and Joyce Maltby’s classes are similarly available. The important thing is to continuously increase your abilities. Auditioning for plays (and hopefully getting a role) is another way to gain vital experience. DO IT! If you want the opportunity to conceivably get a speaking role, get that training and keep at it. DO IT!

I say these things to you as a professional actor with 55 years of experience as a principal performer, director and teacher. I really do know how important this is. Please do it. Get that training and continue it. One class does not an actor make.

The ballots for the new TV/Theatrical Contract have been sent. The local board unanimously recommends that you vote the contract UP!

party two

group photo two
The mayor joins SAG executives, Hawaii Branch Council members, union leaders and film commissioners at the 25th anniversary celebration.

Happy Anniversary, SAG Hawaii Branch

By Becky Maltby
Branch Council Member

It’s being called our banner year, with estimated production expenditures exceeding $407 million. How fitting that 2010 also marks the 25th anniversary of the SAG Hawaii Branch. On November 17, 2010, local SAG council members, agents, film commissioners, casting directors, along with government, industry and labor leaders, including SAG National Executive Director David White, gathered to celebrate our silver anniversary.

party one
David White, Brenda Ching and Scott Rogers
Newly elected Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle proclaimed the day Screen Actors Guild Hawaii Day, and our tireless Hawaii Branch Executive Director Brenda Ching was presented with an award and flower arrangement from Mr. White. Ms. Ching has been in office from day one. Under her guidance, the Hawaii Branch has maintained a local board made up from volunteer members, set industry standards, increased its membership by more than 50 percent, franchised local agents, negotiated a local commercials contract, founded the Hawaii Film & Entertainment Board and been a strong advocate for its membership at the Legislature in helping to pass Act 88, our production tax incentive. And much of this was done without additional local staff support. Congratulations, Brenda.

glenn kathy and scott
Glenn Cannon, Kathy Connell and Scott Rogers

A lot of us worked a lot last year, and for that we should be truly grateful. But there’s no reason 2011 can’t break the record. I echo President Cannon’s message: Be prepared! 

Regional Branch Division Presidents Caucus Meeting

By Lynne Halevi
Vice President

Many changes have transpired leading to important challenges ahead as we enter into some uncharted waters. As a Branch we need to facilitate Branch membership growth and union support. Some caucus suggestions as to how to accomplish growth are:
1. Reach out to prospective members.
2. Improve our visibility and our image.
3. Become a partner with larger community events.
4. Constantly explain SAG membership benefits.
5. Know and use iActor.
6. Check out SAG.org.
7. Lobby for our union and local tax incentives.
8. Learn about initiation fee loans.
9. Attend SAG meetings.
10. Attend and support the SAG Conservatory.

Screen Actors Guild is a representative democracy run by members, for the benefit of our members. Consequently, an active membership is the key to achieving growth and union support.

Conservatory Committee Report

The SAG Hawaii Conservatory had a productive year! We conducted classes with teachers from Los Angeles and elsewhere, like Iris Klein, Judy Bouley and Judy Kerr. Next year promises to build on what we've accomplished this year. Jeanne Rogers (trained by Sanford Meisner) is teaching an imagination class for actors on January 20 (see details below and in January calendar at left) and we plan to have more classes focusing on auditioning, on-camera and technique so our local actors can compete and book bigger and more frequent roles on the incoming productions expected during the new year. Remember, the one constant comment we hear from the casting directors is "get training." The conservatory classes are a great place to start!

The Art of Imagination Workshop

Sanford Meisner's definition of acting is "the ability to live truthfully under an imaginary circumstance." In this class we will, through games, exercises and meditation, learn to rediscover the imagination and, in turn, improve the "truthfulness" in your acting. Imagination is one of the most frequently overlooked attributes of a serious actor. You will see immediate results in your work!

About Jeanne Rogers

Rogers trained as an actress at the world-renowned Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York, where she studied under legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner. She also studied comedy from famed TV director Jerry Paris, in Los Angeles, and scene study from Eve Collyer, in New York.

A professional actress for more than 30 years, Rogers performed in leading and featured roles opposite many well-known actors, including Nick Nolte, Don Johnson, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Ted Lange, Michael Learned, Margaret Hamilton and many others. Most recently, Rogers had principal roles on the ABC show LOST, and in the feature films Into the Blue 2 and You May Not Kiss The Bride, both 2010 releases.

Rogers has taught drama classes since 1997. For the last eight years she has been the drama teacher at the Honolulu Waldorf High School, where she also directs two plays every year. Currently, she also coaches actors for film and television.

The event is only open to paid-up SAG members in good standing. Unfortunately, no guests allowed. Parents/guardians of young performers under 18 are welcome. PLEASE BRING YOUR SAG MEMBERSHIP CARD (paid thru May 31, 2010) FOR ADMITTANCE.


**IMPORTANT**: We don't want to lose track of you. Keep SAG up to date with your current contact information. E-mail addresses: If you are not listed with the Hawaii Branch, you are not receiving the latest news on productions, conservatory workshops and what’s going on. If you have changed your e-mail address, please send us your new one.