Although we’re called the Lone Star State, our stars are never alone here in the Houston-Austin Local.

We represent Texas members from Austin to Corpus to Houston and back. While Texas has been a part of the film industry since 1927, when William Wellman filmed Wings, the Houston-Austin Local continues to create new and exciting opportunities for all our members.

Houston-Austin delegates during the convention.

Delegates proud of their cards!

Houston-Austin Local delegates have fun at convention.

National Executive Director David White speaks before convention delegates.

President Gabrielle Carteris during her convention keynote.

Secretary-Treasurer Jane Austin on day 3 of convention.

Houston-Austin Local delegates pose for a photo.

Delegates gather together for a photo.

Houston-Austin Local delegates during the convention.

The convention delegation.

Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon addresses the convention.

SAG-AFTRA executive officers with National Exeucitve Director David White.

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