In a historic moment for Spanish language performers, on July 21 the SAG-AFTRA National Board unanimously approved the first-ever agreement with Telemundo Television Studios to cover Spanish-language television performers. This momentous agreement marks a breakthrough after 15 months of negotiations after Telemundo performers voted to unionize on March 8, 2017.

The initial contract includes the most important elements all performers deserve:

  • Contributions to and participation in the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and SAG-Producers Pension Plan for the first time.
  • Residuals for both foreign and domestic exploitation and streaming platforms, based on a percentage of Telemundo’s gross receipts.
  • First ever guaranteed minimum rates for all covered performer categories (including actors, stunt performers, singers and dancers).
  • Annual increases in all newly-established minimums between 1-2% per year
  • Newly established working conditions and safety protections, including:
    • Minimum rest period between calls of 10 hours
    • Requirement for qualified personnel to coordinate stunts
    • Provisions regarding protection of minors
    • Overtime, holiday pay, and per diem when on location

This video was created by Telemundo performers and shared with their permission.


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