Do you create your own content on YouTube or other social media platforms?

If a brand reaches out to promote their product (paid or product trade) on your platform, that is a commercial and SAG-AFTRA can have your back. 

SAG-AFTRA covers advertisements on all platforms. Get fair compensation, access to health insurance and a team of experts making sure you are PAID! 

And if you have trouble figuring out the FTCs new rules, don’t sweat it. Check out the guide below:

You Create. We Protect.
The FTC now requires that you clearly label all paid promotion of a product or service. This applies to both still images and moving images. For info on SAG-AFTRA coverage of branded content, cal (323) 549-6802.

Disclose sponsorship at beginning of a post or videoAvoid ambiguous terms like: #Sp, #Spon, #Collab, #Partner, #Ambassador, #Thanks or "Video made possible by"
Make sure all disclosures are clear and visibleDon't rely only on "paid partnership" tools
Use #Ad, #Sponsored or #Paid as hashtags in first few lines of the postDon't place sponsorship language at the end of the story, video or tweet
Tag the sponsoring brandAvoid placing sponsor links with no explanation
Overlay #Ad or #Sponsored on images
Include #Ad or #Sponsored in video description
Add sponsorship info before "show more"
Verbally reveal sponsorship at beginning of video/first story

Do you have information about a non-union commercial? We want to hear from you. 

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Thank you for your confidential support in helping more Ads Go Union. 

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