An Important Message from Your Local Leadership

SAG-AFTRA Texas leaders on exercising your civic duty to vote.

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The New Normal: Making a Difference and Finding Play in the Craft

Our local membership has certainly shifted to our lives and livelihood. Many have chosen to take advantage of the downtime and hone their skills. Members continue to attend the online education workshops provided by the President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach & Engagement, while others build their home studios or find ways to give back to the community. And many are doing all of the above. Here’s how two of our members, actor-turned-real-life hero Michelle Wiesner and voiceover performer Wynt Woody, are handling this new normal.

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Stepping Forward

We’re taking this opportunity to flashback to our SAG-AFTRA National Convention and hear from some who were elected first-time delegates and/or local board members.

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In the Newsroom or in the Field, Broadcaster Safety is Paramount

While performers are struggling with shuttered productions and loss of income, SAG-AFTRA’s broadcast members face significant challenges of their own.

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Stay Busy! Stay Focused! And Give Yourself a Mental Wellness Checkup

Now is the time to remain connected to your craft and prepare for when the industry gets back to business.

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