The SAG-AFTRA Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment (“Code of Conduct”) reflects our dedication to upholding professional standards and addressing the unprofessional and unlawful workplace culture that too many of our members face. While misconduct can happen on the job, it also often occurs outside of the formal workplace setting. Accordingly, after hearing from members around the country and from a broad range of experts and industry stakeholders, we issue the following Code of Conduct Guideline No. 1:


SAG-AFTRA opposes auditions, interviews and similar professional meetings from taking place in private hotel rooms or at private residences. We call on producers and other decision makers with influence or control over decisions that can impact a career, to STOP holding professional meetings in these high-risk locations and find alternative, appropriate locations for professional meetings. Furthermore, we call on SAG-AFTRA members and their representatives to STOP agreeing to professional meetings in these high-risk locations.


In the unlikely event that there is no reasonable alternative forum for a professional meeting, we strongly encourage members go only with the SUPPORT of a second individual – of their own choosing – who attends the meeting to serve as a “Support Peer.” The Support Peer should be allowed to maintain physical access to the member at all times during the meeting (e.g., no closed doors blocking the member and Support Peer.)


Changing the industry’s workplace ecosystem requires action from all committed stakeholders. We recognize that most professionals in the industry are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and safety for artists and for all employees in the industry. We call upon industry partners to SUPPORT the effort to put an end to the antiquated and typically unnecessary practice of holding professional meetings in hotel rooms or at private residences. We urge all stakeholders to review and implement policies that are consistent with this Guideline.


In SAG-AFTRA’s collective bargaining agreements, there are explicit terms that specify the conditions of on-the-job locations and, frequently, provisions that specify audition and interview conditions. For example, our film and television agreements state that “Casting which is done outside the studio shall be conducted on a businesslike basis, with regular business hours and telephone service.” We encourage all members to REPORT to the union any violation of such provisions.


If you are in immediate danger, dial 911 to contact local law enforcement.

During business hours:

EEO & Diversity – 323.549.6644 | 212.827.1542 |

For After-Hours Emergencies:
844.SAFER SET (844.723.3773)

SUMMARY: SAG-AFTRA Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment Guideline No. 1

  • STOP meetings in private hotels and residences.
  • SUPPORT each other as we put an end to this practice and insist on a Support Peer when needed.
  • REPORT any abuse of SAG-AFTRA contract provisions and any time that you feel unsafe as a result of being required to hold a professional meeting in these high-risk locations.


SAG-AFTRA’s Code of Conduct includes a series of “Guidelines” that we will issue periodically to provide further insight into steps that members, and industry stakeholders who are committed to a harassment-free work environment, can take to expand workplace safety in our industry. SAG-AFTRA is incredibly grateful for the contributions of our members, subject-matter experts and industry partners who have contributed their input and insights to our Code of Conduct. Where appropriate, Guidelines may cover issues that also become the subject of collective bargaining.

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