LOCATION: The first line on the contract is to indicate the location where the contract is actually signed.  “This agreement made and entered into at ________ . . .  “   It is sufficient to put the name of the city (i.e. Los Angeles or New York).

The second line is for the name of the AGENCY not the specific sub-agent working with the performer

The third line is for the name of the ARTIST.  Artist’s name must be typed or printed clearly.  Please include any AKA’s that the Artist may use.  If Artist is a SAG-AFTRA member, their name should appear on the contract as it appears in SAG-AFTRA’s Membership files.  If they are using a different name from their SAG-AFTRA Membership listing, they should notify the SAG-AFTRA Membership Department of the name they are now using professionally.  If client does not have a social security number: Please print or write ______ (name of country) citizen

Term of Contract: Print clearly or type the term of the agreement.  The first time an Artist is signed to an AFTRA contract with an agency, the contract term may not be for more than 18 months.  It may be less than 18 months, but not more.  Contracts may be renewed for up to a maximum of three years.

Commencement date: Print clearly or type the day, month and year the contract will begin or “commence”.

Percentage: Print or type percentage (not to exceed 10%).

PARAGRAPHS 7 & 8: The names listed in these paragraphs are sub-agents employed by talent agents franchised in AFTRA’s jurisdiction &/or the agency owner. Each paragraph must list at least one name, and not more than four.  The names may be typed or printed clearly. It is not necessary for the names to be written in by the Artist, nor to be initialed by the Artist or Agent.

Paragraph 10(h) of the contract is the area to list where the Agency maintains an office that will service this agency contract.   

Execution Date “IN WITNESS WHEREOF”:  The Execution Date of a contract (date on the last page) must be the date the contract is actually signed.  It may or may not be the same date as the Commencement Date, which is on the first page.    

Important Information:

  • If you submit a contract to the Professional Representatives Department in an attempt to renew an already existing agency contract that is still in effect and on file, the “renewal” contract may only be submitted within the last third of the term of the existing contract, for instance, within the last year of a current three year contract, or within the last four months of a current one year contract.
  • Each AFTRA Agency contract must be signed in triplicate, of which one copy is to be given promptly to the Artist, one is to be retained by the Agency, and the original contract is to be sent to SAG-AFTRA within thirty (30) days from the commencement date (the date on the back of the contract).
  • LATE FILING: If a contract is received by SAG-AFTRA after the requisite number of filing days, it must be accompanied by a Late Waiver letter stating why the contract is being filed late.  If a contract is returned to an Agency by SAG-AFTRA because it is incorrect or incomplete, it must still be re-filed within the fifteen day limit, or must have a Late Waiver attached when it is re-submitted.
  • CHANGES:  All changes, additions or deletions to AFTRA contracts must be initialed by the Artist and be in compliance with Rule 12-C.
  • ADDRESS:  SAG-AFTRA has many different departments. When sending contracts or check authorizations to SAG-AFTRA, address the envelope to the attention of the Professional Representatives Department.

QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions as to how to fill out or file AFTRA agency contracts or check authorizations, you may contact the SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department by email at agency@sagaftra.org or by calling (323) 549-6745 (LA) or (212) 863-4230 (NY).

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