Paying Dues FAQ

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Paying Dues FAQ
How secure is my online credit card payment?

Your credit card information is submitted securely to the SAG-AFTRA 24/7 Website and processed by First Data Global Gateway, a company which specializes in securely accepting online payments.

Is SAG-AFTRA going to keep a record of my credit card number?

No, for your security your credit card number will not be stored by SAG-AFTRA after processing your dues payment.

Can I still mail in my dues, or pay them in person?

Yes, you can still pay your dues in the usual way by mail or in person. We hope you will find that paying your dues online by credit card is a convenient option.

My credit card was declined. I know it's good. What should I do?

Our credit card process utilizes safeguards for protection of your credit card information. If your credit card is erroneously rejected it may be due to billing information at your card issuer that is out-of-date. If you have a question about your credit card account, please call your card issuer.

How long will it take to receive my new membership card?

Please allow two to three weeks from the time SAG-AFTRA receives your payment for delivery of your new membership card.

How will I know you have recorded my payment?

You will be able to see your dues payment credited on your online bill approximately two to four business days after SAG-AFTRA receives your payment. If you have questions regarding your online dues payment, please call the Union at (855) SAG-AFTRA between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time).

My earnings are not correct.

For questions about earnings, contact the SAG Pension Plan at (818) 954-9400 or visit or AFTRA H&R at (800) 562-4690 or visit

My dues bill is not correct.

For dues questions, please call the Union at (800) SAG-0767, in Los Angeles at (323) 549-6755 or in New York at (212) 944-6243.

How can I change my address?

You may change your address in your Contact Information by clicking on "Edit Profile" from the member home page (must be logged in as a member to see this option).

How can I give you the name of my agent?

Visit the Member Services page for information on updating your agency contact information with SAG-AFTRA. You must be logged in to view your information.

How can I place my membership on an inactive status?

For questions regarding how to place your membership on an inactive status, please contact the Union at (323) 549-6778.

How often does SAG-AFTRA send dues bills?

Dues bills are sent twice per year, in April for the dues period beginning May 1 and in October for the dues period beginning November 1.

Why can't I see my SAG-AFTRA dues bill online?

If you are not receiving a dues bill in the US Mail for the current period because of a credit balance on your account or because of your membership status, you will not see a dues bill online. If you have questions about your bill or your membership status, please call the Union at (855) SAG-AFTRA or Los Angeles (323) 549-6755 or New York at (212) 944-6243.

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