Further Advisory re: Axium International

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Further Advisory re: Axium International

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member:

It has come to Screen Actors Guild's attention that as recently as today some individuals have successfully cashed payroll checks issued by Axium or one of its 43 subsidiary companies. We are bringing this to your attention to assist you in assessing whether to take the time to attempt to cash such checks in person.

If you have an Axium or related-company check and are successful in cashing it, you should be aware that depending on the date the check was issued, it is possible that the bankruptcy trustee might attempt to recover those funds from you for the bankruptcy estate. If feasible, given your financial circumstances, you may want to set those funds aside until it is clear what action the trustee will take.

If you are successful in cashing one of these checks, please report that fact to SAG right away (including the date and time you successfully cashed the check) by calling our Axium Bankruptcy Hotline at 323-549-6450 and selecting option 5.

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