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American Scene Awards: Call for Entries

  1. The American Scene Award Selection (ASAS) Workgroup will vote for the recipients of these awards.
  2. The ASAS Workgroup will determine for which of the three (3) categories eligible projects will be considered.
  3. The names of the intended recipients will be submitted the National Honors And Tributes (HATS) Committee staff liaison for distribution to the committee for its review in advance of finalization or notification. These potential recipients will be vetted by the National Executive Director, COO & General Counsel, the HATS Committee and other senior staff prior to consideration or announcement of any awards.
  4. The nominees and/or recipients may be revealed in advance of the 2017 SAG-AFTRA Convention. (Please note:  The release of the recipient’s name is done in coordination with the recipient’s press representatives and the SAG-AFTRA Chief Communications & Marketing Officer.)
  5. In the event that a recipient cannot attend the Awards presentation or provide an on-camera acceptance video that includes a high-profile representative of the Project at the 2017 SAG-AFTRA Convention, the ASAS Workgroup may decide to award the project with the next highest vote total or omitted from the presentation altogether. (Please note: this refers to the awardee that has accepted the award and agreed to attend, suddenly being unavailable.)
  6. The American Scene Award is the property of SAG-AFTRA and SAG-AFTRA thereto reserves all rights. The statuette may not be reproduced or used in any commercial manner unless otherwise permitted by SAG-AFTRA. Possession of American Scene Award is solely for the honor of the recipient and is restricted to the recipient, the recipient's spouse, the recipient's domestic partner, the recipient's children or SAG-AFTRA. (The recipient's spouse, domestic partner, and children are referred to as "Permitted Donees"). Transfer of the American Scene Award to a Permitted Donee shall not be valid unless the Permitted Donee agrees in writing not to transfer the award to any person other than SAG-AFTRA.  Any transfer of the American Scene Award other than as hereby permitted violates SAG-AFTRA’s property rights and is prohibited.