Membership Advantages

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Future members may not be aware of all the advantages of SAG-AFTRA membership. Here are some of the benefits …

Your Contract

SAG-AFTRA negotiates contracts with minimum rates, residuals, pension& health contributions and safe on-set working conditions.

You’ve Got Support

If anything goes wrong on the job, the union’s team of experts has your back.

You’re a Professional

With a SAG-AFTRA card, producers, casting directors, agents and directors know you’re a true professional. And you get exclusive deals and discounts through Union Plus.

Your Agent and Manager

Top talent agents and managers prefer to represent SAG-AFTRA members.

Your Education

From workshops to classes with casting directors, the union and its partners provide a wealth of educational services.

Your Health

When you meet eligible earnings thresholds, you and your dependents have access to health and life insurance.

Your Retirement

When you work under SAG-AFTRA contracts, employers make contributions toward your retirement fund.

Your Collective Strength

SAG-AFTRA lobbies on issues that impact your life, such as artists’ rights, digital theft, runaway production and more.

Your Awards

Members can vote for SAG Awards honorees and receive nominee screeners.

Controlling Your Destiny

As a member, you shape your future through participation in the decision-making process at local and national levels.