What Is #AdsGoUnion?

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What Is #AdsGoUnion?

The #AdsGoUnion commercials organizing initiative is a member-driven campaign working to protect and increase union commercial work. 

With the help of SAG-AFTRA members like you, we promote and enforce our contracts, including the new Arizona-Utah Regional Code. 

We also engage members and pre-members in our organizing efforts by getting the word out about the benefits of SAG-AFTRA membership and the importance of not working off the card. 

Join us for our next quarterly #AdsGoUnion webinar on March 6 and learn how you can get more involved. 

Support our campaign on social media by using the hashtag #AdsGoUnion and send any information about non-union commercials to adsgounion@sagaftra.org. For more information, visit sagaftra.org/adsgounion.