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Tell Quincy Media you have not been deceived!

Contact Quincy Media President and CEO Ralph Oakley and tell him that investing in Central Illinois starts with investing in EMPLOYEES at WEEK and HOI.

It’s time that Quincy engages in fair collective bargaining.

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About the Campaign

Save Local TV News at WEEK & HOI
Support Quality Local News for Central Illinois

Viewers of WEEK and HOI news may have noticed the updated sets that have been installed by new owner Quincy Media, Inc. or heard the Quincy-based company talk about its commitment to the Peoria community and Central Illinois. Do not be fooled.

Behind the scenes, Quincy has repeatedly asked broadcasters at WEEK and HOI to work longer hours with fewer days off. As workload and work hours increase, Quincy is demanding massive take backs from employees at the bargaining table.

SAG-AFTRA filed unfair labor practice charges against the company after it stopped honoring important provisions in the union contract relating to salaries and time off. Quincy also prohibited employees from discussing their pay with each other or the public in violation of federal law. While all three of these charges were successfully settled, Quincy continues to mistreat employees in other ways that need to be addressed in a fair contract. Those issues include:

  • Requiring employees to pay 10 weeks of their salary in order to quit and take another job
  • Dramatically increasing employee healthcare costs and refusing to join a union health plan at a similar cost that would save employees thousands of dollars a year
  • Seeking to eliminate overtime compensation while continuing to repeatedly ask employees to work extra hours and on their off days
  • Proposing to reduce sick leave and vacation so that employees will do more work for no compensation

The SAG-AFTRA Broadcast Steering Committee stands with and fully supports the efforts of the Members at WEEK-WHOI and their campaign to preserve quality jobs and good journalism for Central Illinois.

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News and Updates

PRESS RELEASE – SAG-AFTRA Wins National Labor Relations Board Settlements Against Quincy Media, Inc.

April 26, 2017

The Union’s third unfair labor practice was settled just days prior to a scheduled May 2 hearing. The settlement requires Quincy Media, Inc. to reinstate the anniversary wage escalator and to provide back pay to current and former members who were affected by the suspension of annual increases.

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PRESS RELEASE – SAG-AFTRA Wins National Labor Relations Board Settlement Against Quincy Media, Inc.

February 17, 2017

SAG-AFTRA is celebrating the settlement of two unfair labor practice charges that it brought to the National Labor Relations Board against Quincy Media, Inc.

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Union Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Parent Company of WEEK and WHOI

November 7, 2016

The union that represents journalists of WEEK-TV and WHOI-TV on Monday filed two unfair labor practice charges against owner Quincy Media Inc.

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PRESS RELEASE - SAG-AFTRA Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Regional Broadcast Quincy Media

November 7, 2016

SAG-AFTRA on Monday filed two unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of member broadcasters at WEEK and WHOI. Both news stations are operated out of the same location in East Peoria, Ill. and are owned by Quincy Media, Inc. Together with one previously filed charge, there are now three unfair labor practice charges outstanding against the company.

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Contract Talks Continue with News Personnel at WEEK, WHOI

July 15, 2016

Newsroom personnel at WEEK-TV Channel 25 and WHOI-TV Channel 19 want a new contract with Quincy-based Quincy Media Inc. which owns WEEK and operates WHOI, a station owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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