A Veterans Day Message from SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard

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A Veterans Day Message from SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard

SAG-AFTRA supports the USO.

Dear Fellow Members,
As we gather with loved ones this Veterans Day, I hope you will keep America’s service members in your thoughts, remembering both those who have defended our nation in years past and those who continue to serve today.
For many of you, this is not an abstraction: You have friends or family serving in the armed forces — or perhaps you yourself are a veteran. To all of those who serve, and to the families who willingly make sacrifices so that they can, I want to say thank you.
And for those of you who don’t, there are many ways you can help support our warriors. You can volunteer or contribute to one of the many organizations that send care packages to deployed service members, help homeless vets or assist those wounded in combat. Once again, SAG-AFTRA is partnering with the USO to boost our troops’ morale both in and out of combat zones, wherever they need it most. Please visit teamuso.org/sagaftra to learn more and join your fellow members in making a gift today to support these vital services.
Veterans Day is a day for remembrance, reflection and gratitude. On this day in 1956, the late film star, union member, Air Force officer and Life Achievement Award recipient James Stewart gave a tribute at Arlington National Cemetery. “No one desires lasting peace more than those who know war,” he said. His words are an eloquent reminder that striving for peace is one of the best ways we can honor those who are willing to risk everything for our safety and freedom.
In unity,
Ken Howard
SAG-AFTRA President