Update for Members Represented by an ATA/NATR Agency

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Update for Members Represented by an ATA/NATR Agency

To all members represented by an ATA/NATR agency that have chosen to sign a General Services Agreement (or “GSA”) with their agent:

There has been some confusion among the SAG-AFTRA membership regarding the scope of application for General Services Agreements (“GSA”) that some of you have chosen to sign to memorialize your agency relationships with ATA/NATR agencies. Please note that while a GSA (a/k/a State-Approved Talent Agency Contract) may be signed in your relationship with an ATA/NATR agent for the purposes of legacy SAG-covered work (and, indeed, other areas outside of SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction), these contracts cannot be used to represent SAG-AFTRA members for legacy AFTRA-covered work. Accordingly, if your ATA/NATR agency is representing you for legacy AFTRA-covered work, and the parties wish to enter into a written agreement, they are required to execute standard legacy AFTRA contracts for representation. These union-negotiated contracts clarify commissionability rules as well as all other aspects of the agent-member relationship. Legacy AFTRA agency contracts can be downloaded free of charge here: http://www.sagaftra.org/agency-relations/info-agents-members

Please do not hesitate to contact the National Agency Department at (323) 549-6745 or (212) 863-4305 if you have any questions regarding any aspect of your agency relationships. You can also reach Agency Department staff here: agency@sagaftra.org

If you are interested in learning more about the GSA (and its terms and conditions), members in Los Angeles and New York City may also attend the next GSA Seminar, currently scheduled for Monday, May 13, 2013 at noon (PT) [3:00 ET]. To RSVP for this event, or obtain more information, please email agency@sagaftra.org or call the above-listed numbers. Thank you.