Merger Info

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VOTE YES! Don’t delay, mail your ballot today! SAG-AFTRA merger ballots must be received at the P.O. Box by 10 a.m. on March 30th.

George Clooney, Octavia Spencer, Robert De Niro, Betty White, Tom Hanks and Rosanne Cash are just a few of the SAG and AFTRA members who are asking you to join them and VOTE YES! Click here to see the Join Us postcard.

Together, SAG and AFTRA members will be stronger in one union. Click here to download Key Reasons to Support Merger.

The blogosphere is filled with misinformation about merger. These myths get repeated in holding areas, at auditions and among friends until they come to be regarded as facts. Don’t be deceived! Take a look at these common merger myths and get the real facts about how merger will affect you and your unions.

Your SAG and AFTRA national boards have overwhelmingly endorsed a merger plan that was carefully created by your elected leadership. Here are four reasons why you should vote yes when your ballot arrives in the mail.