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The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Twin Cities Local
July 2013


Twin Cities members, don’t hesitate to contact the designated Chicago Local staff listed below for the help you need. You can call staff at (312) 573-8081 or (800) 724-0767, or send an email to specific staff members as listed below:

Contact Kathy Byrne

Commercials or Corporate/Educational:
Contact Jamie Marchi

Contact Jolene Jones

Interactive or New Media:
Contact Sean Hennessy

Contact Jamie Marchi OR Contact Kathy Byrne

Contact Kathy Nelsen

Music Videos, Singers,
or Sound Recordings:
Contact Jolene Jones

News and Broadcast:
Contact Paula Weinbaum OR Contact Eric Chaudron

Residuals, Film/TV:
Contact Residuals Department – L.A.
(323) 549-6505

Short and Student Films:
Contact Kathy Byrne

Stunt and Safety:
Contact Kathy Byrne

Television, Dramatic and Non-Dramatic:
Contact Kathy Byrne

Contact Kathy Byrne

For other inquires, contact Colleen Aho at (651) 789.8990 or visit the SAG-AFTRA website.

Barry ZeVan

Letter to the Membership

By Barry ZeVan, Twin Cities Local 1st Vice President

Dear Fellow Members:

In my opinion, it is almost surreal to no longer have a bricks-and-mortar union office here in the Twin Cities. It is definitely somewhat bizarre and certainly sad and unfathomable to many, or perhaps to all of us — those are understatements. Regardless, the “new reality” is what it is, and being in the tough profession we are, we are tough and we will continue to be a vital part of the SAG-AFTRA landscape. The positives of our “new reality” are numerous and basically mostly unchanged.

Some of those positives include:
• Our local still exists. The SAG-AFTRA Twin Cities Local Board will continue to have regularly scheduled meetings.
• The fact that we now receive contract and membership services from the Chicago Local bricks-and-mortar office will be the only addition to “business as usual.”
• All local members recently were sent the new contact information about those in Chicago who will answer your questions and assist Twin Cities Local members in a similar fashion to the way Colleen, Tim and Kari did so excellently for so many years (Editor’s note: See Twin Cities membership support info in the left column — it will be included in every edition of our newsletter). This reflects Colleen’s ongoing dedication to get information to us as soon as she receives it.
• Colleen will also still be available — although on a more limited basis — to answer questions in her new staff administration role.

Should we feel abandoned? I think not. The initial shock was admittedly difficult to accept and comprehend. Human nature itself is not of the bent to accept change, especially change that initially jolts our comfort levels and suggests negatives.

We have not been abandoned, nor should we feel like “chopped liver.” The decision to close 13 local offices was explained as fiscally necessary, but in no way dilutes the worthiness and quality of the local membership. I think that’s one of the most important things to remember in this transition: We have a lot of which to be proud. As an AFTRA and SAG member since August 1953 (I joined those unions and AEA all the same month that year), I’m more proud than ever to show my union card and beat the drum for the quality of union work and those who perform it. Hopefully, you’ll share in that pride, knowing we’re still here, and we will continue to be for a very, very long time. Re-energize yourself to be stronger than ever in regard to our need to maintain and strengthen SAG-AFTRA work and recognition from producers, stations and all who will benefit from the highest level of professionalism via your proven, respected, and established talents. 

Thanks to outgoing President Peggy O’Connell for her insightful and ingratiating leadership these past two years. Peggy’s schedule did not allow her the opportunity to write this letter from local board leadership to our local members, thus, as next in line, I was happy to do so.

Blessings and appreciation to each and every SAG-AFTRA Twin Cities Local member. Onward and upward!