Screen Legend Hedy Lamarr: The Woman Behind the Cell Phone and Wi-Fi?

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Screen Legend Hedy Lamarr: The Woman Behind the Cell Phone and Wi-Fi?
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Would we have cell phone or Wi-fi technology without SAG member and screen legend Hedy Lamarr? Possibly not according to BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT,  which has launched a series of short films highlighting achievements of the often forgotten and unacknowledged information pioneers.

Lamarr made nearly 40 motion pictures during the 1930s through the late '50s, but this short documentary, narrated by British actress Miranda Raison, reveals that the Austrian-born Lamarr also worked to bring WWII to an end by co-inventing an early technique for spread spectrum communications, making the use of mobile phone communications possible today.

Five films in total, each short features a celebrity advocate who tell us the story of their chosen pioneer and how, through their work, they shaped the way we live our lives today. In a time where people take much for granted, the campaign hopes to make people aware of what these pioneering men and women have done for us and provide them with the recognition their work deserves.  Viewers are encouraged to vote for their favorite Information Pioneer. 

 The  five short films can be viewed on the Information Pioneers site ( The Institute commissioned Lewis Georgeson, the Emmy-nominated and multi-award winning director of short form digital programs, to direct the series.

Information Pioneers: Hedy Lamarr from Information Pioneers on Vimeo.