Screen Actors Guild Supports Workers Rights in Wisconsin

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Screen Actors Guild Supports Workers Rights in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin this week, workers, students, community allies and people of faith have joined together to stage massive protests against Governor Walker's budget proposal which would gut collective bargaining rights for 200,000 public workers. Tens of thousands of people are putting their everyday lives on hold to stand in solidarity.

Workers across the country — from Wisconsin to Indiana, Ohio, and beyond — are fighting back. In this still-struggling economy, our country needs one thing: more good jobs.

But instead of focusing on finding ways to create good jobs, blame for high unemployment and rising poverty levels is being shifted away from corporations and onto workers and our unions.

We can't let that happen.

Throughout the long holiday weekend, workers, students, faith leaders, and community allies will be holding solidarity rallies in their own states. Search online to find out about actions in your area.