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Screen Actors Guild Statement Regarding Digital Theft Investigation

In light of Monday’s news regarding a law enforcement investigation into the illegal uploading of several of this year's award-winning films, Screen Actors Guild has released the following statement:

“Whether it involves a criminal business enterprise or a member of our community, illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted materials is stealing, pure and simple.

Content theft threatens the economic livelihoods of our members and indeed, of tens of thousands of entertainment industry professionals. We must all work to educate and inform our colleagues, friends, families and communities so that they, too, can speak and act against this pernicious activity.

To be effective, all members of the entertainment community must be especially vigilant and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards when it comes to this issue.

We applaud all efforts to eliminate this form of outright theft, which undermines our industry’s ability to thrive and to entertain audiences worldwide.”