Screen Actors Guild Sees Dramatic Rise in New Media Signatories

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Screen Actors Guild Sees Dramatic Rise in New Media Signatories
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If it seems that everyone has a Web series these days, you might not be too far off the mark. The past year has seen a significant increase in the amount of professionally produced original Web series as creative professionals are turning to the freedom and accessibility of new media platforms.

In August 2010, Screen Actors Guild New Media signed 111 productions, shattering the previous record for the most productions signed in a month by a whopping 31 percent. That’s an astounding 141 percent increase of SAG New Media signatories over the same month one year ago. If overall trends continue, we can expect to see a significant increase in the volume of new media productions signed this year over last.

Along with this increase in the number of productions signed, there has also been an increase in the quality of those productions, including HBO’s newest web series The Boring Life of Jacqueline starring Michael Cera, and the highly anticipated Elf Quest, produced by Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, with its new media all-star cast including, among others, Taryn O’Neil and Thorpe.

SAG is proud of the inroads it has made in growing the union density and professionalism in new media, creating work opportunities for SAG members while expanding the artistic integrity in this burgeoning industry.