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Screen Actors Guild Joins the Spring Line-up at the Digital Hollywood Content Summit on May 5
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Digital Hollywood (May 3-6, 2010) has evolved into one of the definitive technology and brand/advertising conferences for the digital era. The Digital Hollywood Content Summit is the latest addition to the program, designed for creative content creators, filmmakers, producers, writers and actors working at the intersection of film, television and new media.

On May 5, Screen Actors Guild National Director of New Media Mark Friedlander, along with Director Of Organizing Nayla Wren, will join WGAw New Media Project Manager Tamara Krinsky and WGAw New Media Contracts Administrator Elisabeth Flack  at the Digital Hollywood Content Summit for the “Going Pro: A Guide to Making your Web Series with the Guilds” panel.

Presented by Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America West, the panel will discuss how using professional talent can boost the profile of your web series, the process and benefits of signing a new media project with the guilds, and how union members can create and work on new media projects.   

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