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The Official E-Newsletter of the S.F.-Northern California Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the S.F.-Northern California Local
October 2014


Congratulations to the 43rd Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards winners:

Dan Ashley

Ken Bastida

William Bonilla

Elizabeth Cook

Ama Daetz

Natasha Del Toro

León Felipe González

Juliette Goodrich

Angela Greenwood

Michelle Griego

Cheryl Jennings

Mark Jones

Mark Kelly

Sasha Khokha

Fabiola Kramsky

Flavio Lacayo

Frank Mallicoat

Ryan Scott

Thuy Vu

Linda Yee

To read about veteran newsman Mark Jones' seventh Emmy win for continuing coverage, click here.

Local President’s Report

Kathryn Howell

I would like to take a few moments to talk about one of the ways our democratic union works. Every other year (2014 being one) on October 31, the union takes a census of members in good standing. The number of members in our local not only affects resources for our office, but determines the number of seats/votes our local has on the national board. We are currently the fourth-largest local (only L.A., N.Y. and Washington-Mid Atlantic are larger). While we have about 4,500 members, usually only about 3,600 are in good standing at the time of the census. I encourage you all to make sure your dues are current as of October 31 and ask you to pass this message on to your fellow members.


ROBIN WILLIAMS. As audiences around the world, fellow artists and our union mourn the passing of Robin Williams, we here in the SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local are particularly touched and saddened by this loss. Williams was a neighbor, a friend, and a kind, generous and supportive member of our community. He loved to film here and provided numerous work opportunities for our local. So many of you met, worked and interacted with him over the years. I would like to invite you all to visit the SF-NorCal Facebook page and share your memories, anecdotes, thoughts and feelings about Williams. To post your memories, visit the Facebook page, click photos, and select the picture of Robin Williams.

And read SAG-AFTRA's statement on the loss of Robin Williams.

I wish you all peace and health.

Kathryn Howell