The SAGs and DGA Prove Harvey Weinstein's Behind-the-Scenes Genius

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The SAGs and DGA Prove Harvey Weinstein's Behind-the-Scenes Genius

January 30– Huffington Post
By John Lopez

Honestly, with the snubbing of Albert Brooks and Tilda Swinton for two of 2011's most exciting films -- Drive and We Need To Talk About Kevin -- it's hard to get excited about the Oscars this year. The overwhelmingly unadventurous slew of nominations for Spielberg's War Horse and Scorsese's Hugo makes the Academy look like a toddler reaching for the comfort of its old, moth-chewed blankie in a year when most mainstream movies underwhelmed critically and commercially. At this point, given The Artist's sheer delightfulness, you kind of want to scream to the Academy, "Just give it to Harvey already!" And maybe I'll check in for Billy Crystal's monologue to see if the old pro can still swing that Catskill charm. Still, try as I might to be above it all, Oscar prognosticating is a hard habit to break. Sure enough, I stumbled across the SAG and DGA awards results this morning, and much like finding that emergency cigarette stashed in your winter coat's breast pocket, I couldn't help lighting up. What do the SAG and DGA results mean for the Oscars? Give me a second to let that nicotine rush flood my bloodstream.

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