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SAG Praises New Industry Copyright Alerts System

Screen Actors Guild is extremely pleased to hear about today’s announcement of the new Copyright Alerts System Agreement between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and entertainment companies. This landmark agreement will help Internet subscribers learn and understand when their Internet account is potentially being misused for digital content theft.
“Global theft of movies and television shows has already cost the U.S. economy more than 140,000 jobs. We believe that if more Americans were made aware of the facts, through systems such as the Copyright Alert System, they would not choose to illegally download content," said Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director David White. "All entertainment industry workers including craftspeople, actors, technicians, directors, musicians, recording artists and others whose creativity is at the heart of the American entertainment industry, are hurt by content theft. We believe this landmark, cooperative effort is an important tool in helping to reduce infringement of American intellectual property.”
Click here to download a PDF of the release.