SAG Official Weighs in on Film Incentives

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SAG Official Weighs in on Film Incentives

Screen Actors Guild National Director of Government Relations and Policy Nancy Fox spoke with Bloomberg news about the trend in many states of rolling back film incentives as budgets tighten.

Fox explained that withdrawing the tax breaks is a pennywise, pound-foolish approach.

“Nobody wins. What you’re doing is taking jobs away from people and tax revenue for the state,” Fox said. “It is a lose-lose proposition to cut these tax programs.”

The move to remove or scale back film-tax incentives has swept several states, including Michigan, which offered a 42 percent tax break, the highest in the nation. It has created an unstable environment for productions, which remain unable to make long-term plans, since they don’t know if the tax breaks will be there from one year to the next.

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