SAG Offers Message of Condolence and Support for People of Japan

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SAG Offers Message of Condolence and Support for People of Japan
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On behalf of the members of Screen Actors Guild, we would like to express our deepest condolences and support to the Japanese people for the ongoing tragedy caused by the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami.
"Over the past decades, our country has shared a special bond with our friends across the Pacific, culturally, economically and politically, and we are extremely saddened by these recent events," said SAG President Ken Howard. "My heart goes out to our members living in Japan, as well as those with friends or relatives in that country, and I offer my sincere wishes of strength and security forthose in need."
While the situation in Japan continues to be filled with uncertainty, we are pleased by the overwhelming response from the American public, which has stepped up to help. We know many of our members have madegenerous contributions to disaster relief, and we would like to offer our deepest gratitude for their humanitarian efforts.
However, our members should be alert to the fact that during times of crisis, charity scams arise to take advantage of the generosity of others, so if you would like to help, we recommend giving to one of dozens of established, legitimate organizations, such as the American Red Cross, which is helping with relief efforts.
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