SAG National Board Honors Gloria Stuart

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SAG National Board Honors Gloria Stuart

Gloria Stuart, one of Screen Actors Guild’s first members and one of the Guild’s first board members has been recognized by the National Board of Screen Actors Guild for her accomplishments and years of service to the union.

The board recently passed the following resolution:
In recognition of Gloria Stuart’s extraordinary contributions to the founding and early governance of Screen Actors Guild; in honor of her lifelong commitment to the union through continuous membership for more than 70 years; in tribute to her joyous spirit and artist’s soul; and in gratitude for her service to the Guild and to actors, the National Board of Directors of Screen Actors Guild directs that Guild staff immediately commission and deliver a special honor to Ms. Stuart.
On Wednesday, August 11, members and staff of SAG visited Stuart at her home to present a framed proclamation letter from President Ken Howard and a green malachite “biseki” (meaning “beautiful stone”) from Zaire, with a diaza base carved by artist Cliff Johnson. Stuart is a collector of biseki and was thrilled with the gift.
Stuart, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in Titanic, turned 100 on July 4. Today, she is the Guild’s sole surviving board member of the 1930s. In June, the SAG Hollywood Division honored the actor with the prestigious Ralph Morgan Award, marking the first and final time this honor is bestowed upon a member who served on the board with Ralph Morgan, the Guild’s first president.
In July, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences saluted Stuart with a Centennial Celebration, marking the first time one of its members was honored and still living at 100 years of age.