SAG Members Awarded Union Plus Scholarships

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SAG Members Awarded Union Plus Scholarships

Union Plus has awarded $150,000 in scholarships to 130 students representing 43 unions, including four representing Screen Actors Guild in the 2011 Union Plus Scholarship Program.
Screen Actors Guild congratulates scholarship recipients:
•Evan Griffith of New York, NY, whose parents Edward and Lisa Griffith are both SAG members, has been awarded a $500 scholarship.
•Jan Neuberger of Newtown, CT, who has been a SAG member since 1974, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
•Culley Schultz of Glen Ridge, NJ, whose father Armand Schultz is a SAG member, hasbeen awarded a $1,000 scholarship.
•Hatsumi Yoshida of Bronx, NY, who has been an SAG member since 1996, has been awarded a $500 scholarship. Hatsumi’s parents Peter and Geri also are longtime SAG members, having joined the union in 1968 and 1983, respectively.
Union Plus Scholarship awards are granted to students attending a two-year college, four-year college, graduate school or a recognized technical or trade school. Since starting the program in 1991, Union Plus has awarded $3 million in educational funding to more than 2,100 union members, spouses and dependentchildren. Recipients are selected based on academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation of labor.
Visit for applications and benefit eligibility.

Evan GriffithEvan Griffith, New York, NY

Jan NeubergerJan Neuberger, Newtown, CT

Culley SchultzCulley Schultz of Glen Ridge, NJ