SAG Goes Green with Paperless Dues Billing - Sign Up Today!

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SAG Goes Green with Paperless Dues Billing - Sign Up Today!
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A Message from Secretary Treasurer Amy Aquino and Chief Financial Officer Arianna Ozzanto Regarding Paperless Dues Billing

Dear Member:

We are writing you regarding Screen Actors Guild’s new paperless dues billing initiative and asking you to give it a try. It’s an absolutely free new service that simply makes good financial sense.

Paperless billing is yet another way we’re more efficiently serving our members: cutting costs (not to mention clutter in your home), making your billing instantaneous and, as part of our ongoing green initiative, doing our part to save the environment.
If you’ve already signed up for paperless billing, we commend you. You’ve joined thousands of your fellow Guild members who care about the environment and saving resources.

If you haven’t, consider these dollars-and-cents reasons to do so:

- Save paper and stamps. You won’t just save yourself money, but you’ll save the Guild money, too. With more than 125,000 members, and dues bills being sent out twice a year, the Guild has a hefty business expense that can be significantly lightened by paperless billing.

- Time is money, and you can get your complete, comprehensive dues bill as soon as it’s issued. No more “surprises” if you change address or have some other type of mail service interruption. You’ll have plenty of time to pay your dues without incurring penalties or risking your good standing as a member.

- You can download to your computer or mobile device an exact virtual copy of the bill you would normally receive in the mail. That will reduce clutter, and if you live at the frantic pace that most actors do, it will also reduce the chance that you’ll misplace this important information.

- With the complete detail provided by paperless billing, you’ll fully understand what you owe and be better empowered to use the Guild’s free “Pay Dues Online” service, if you so choose, saving yourself the cost of mailing. “Pay Dues Online” is free, more secure than the U.S. mail and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

Here’s a link to help get you started with paperless billing as well as answers to any additional questions you may have. Don’t worry; should you change your mind, you can always revert back to a paper bill with a simple click if you determine it’s not right for you.

Thank you for your participation in paperless billing. We look forward to hearing from you about how the service is working for you.
In unity,
Amy Aquino
Secretary Treasurer

Arianna Ozzanto
Chief Financial Officer

SAG Goes Green with Paperless Dues Billing - Sign Up Today!