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SAG Foundation’s Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab Coming Soon

The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab’s fully-equipped sound studio, located at the SAG Foundation Actors Center in Los Angeles, will allow SAG Members to work on voice-over craft, demos and auditions while classroom space will host workshops, seminars and demonstrations led by experts in the field. LaFontaine’s personal engineer, George Whittam, is overseeing the design and execution of the lab and his wife, Nita Whitaker LaFontaine, is fully endorsing the project.  
Scheduled to open this summer, the lab will help the voice-over community thrive in new ways, and the SAG Foundation is reaching out to respected industry professionals to aid in the advancement of these resources. The lab will feature a prominent donor wall to display all of the organizations and individuals who have assisted in making this project a success. As names continue to be added to the wall, your name can be added as well. Your monetary, or in kind donation can help make a difference.
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