SAG Agent of the Month for May: Susan Sherman, Ambassador Talent

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SAG Agent of the Month for May: Susan Sherman, Ambassador Talent

May SAG Agent of the Month: Susan Sherman, Ambassador Talent, Chicago

Justin Butler and Susan Sherman

SAG member Justin Butler with agent Susan Sherman


— Submitted by Sandi Butler on behalf of her son, SAG member Justin Butler

I'd like to nominate our agent from Chicago, Susan Sherman, who owns Ambassador Talent, as SAG’s Agent of the Month. My son, Justin, is 12 years old and has been with her for over 5 years. I have an older son, too, who is non-union but awaiting a SAG job so he can join, as well. As a mom, I feel like I have an "agent mom" watching over and protecting my boys as well as promoting them like they were her own kids. Susan will advise me "not to go for that audition" or "let's think about this one before we move" when I know darn well that simply saying yes could mean more money in her pocket if she just looked the other way and didn't care as much as she does.
Susan, during every call, will always ask how the boys are doing in their baseball or basketball games and even asks about how they're doing in school.  We stop by her office and say hi whenever we are in downtown Chicago and she always takes the time to come out of her office and give us all hugs. Susan goes above and beyond being an agent. She thinks of them as her "people" and not only her "clients.” My youngest son recently got a booking in California and she called us from Chicago and made sure that we got checked in okay and that we were being taken care of.  She even asked if he was having fun. She really wanted this to be a positive experience for him.
Susan is always upbeat and very encouraging. When my kids get a callback, she screams louder than I do – and I'm their mom! I feel confident that my boys are being guided by a qualified agent who always has their best interests at heart. Yet, I feel that she's more than just our agent, she's a good friend, too.
Sandi and Justin Butler

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