SAG-AFTRA Reaches Deal with BeeAudio

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SAG-AFTRA Reaches Deal with BeeAudio

Ashland, OR (July 12, 2013) – SAG-AFTRA today announced it has reached an agreement with audiobook producer BeeAudio. The BeeAudio deal is the latest in a series of efforts by SAG-AFTRA to enhance its organizing reach in the area of audiobooks.

In November of 2012, SAG-AFTRA issued “Do Not Work Notice” against the Ashland, Oregon based company that was producing books for various major publishers paying half or less than half the industry standard rate to narrators.

Under this new contract, audiobook narrators will be paid industry-standard rates ranging from $150 to $240 per completed hour of work.  This deal affects the more than 200 audiobook professionals currently on BeeAudio’s roster.

"We are thrilled to have an agreement with BeeAudio," said Jane Love, SAG-AFTRA Audiobook negotiator. "It makes sense for the company, the narrators, and the industry and we look forward to working with everyone at BeeAudio going forward."

"The relationship between BeeAudio and SAG-AFTRA began with a series of misunderstandings which have been amicably resolved," said James Adams, Founder and CEO of BeeAudio. "We are in the middle of a publishing revolution and that clearly involves audiobooks. It's vital that innovative entrepreneurial companies like BeeAudio and unions like SAG-AFTRA work together to steer a steady course for the benefit of the consumer, business and union members."

The agreement with BeeAudio marks the 27th audiobook producer organized since 2008.