SAG-AFTRA Animation Agreements Frequently Asked Questions

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SAG-AFTRA Animation Agreements Frequently Asked Questions
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The SAG-AFTRA Animation Agreements feature numerous significant improvements, including:

  • Pay Raises of 8.7% compounded over the next three years
  • Increased contributions to our Pension & Health/Health & Retirement Funds
  • Consolidated the SAG and AFTRA stand-alone deals into one SAG-AFTRA Animation Agreement
  • A reduction in unpaid free streaming windows
  • brand new residual from free, on-demand viewing through your cable box

Why aren’t there minimum rates for New Media under this contract?

There were no changes negotiated in the areas of minimums for programs made for new media, except for gains in the area of high budget SVOD (“Subscriber Video on Demand” like Netflix).  NOTHING WAS GIVEN AWAY. Rates and most working conditions under this agreement are individually bargained between you or your agent and the producer.  For the past three years, and under all previous contracts, performers have been individually bargaining for their session payments, both in animation and live action. With the new high budget SVOD provisions, when the budget thresholds are met, standard television rates (at 100%) will apply. And of course, we did bargain a substantial increase in rates for programs produced for television and basic cable.

Why aren’t residuals paid for “made for new media” programs? 

There are residuals for these programs. NO CURRENT RESIDUAL STRUCTURES HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED IN ANY WAY. Residuals are paid for exhibition of your new media program on television, DVD and Pay TV.  In addition, residuals for extended use on the same platform and residuals for free streaming were gained in this contract for new media if the “made for new media” program is high budget and made for subscription video on demand (“SVOD”). Other “made for new media” programs still pay residuals above certain budget thresholds ($25,000 per minute as exhibited), but there are no residuals for free streaming unless the program  is a derivative of another television or theatrical picture, as has been the case  since the made for new media sideletters were negotiated in 2008.  

Why are the budget breaks for high budget SVOD so high?

In order to achieve the inclusion of additional protections for members in the area of SVOD, the negotiating committee believed that despite the high budget threshold, it was imperative to establish high-budget SVOD terms, in order that we lay the foundation for improvements in the future as the market grows for made for New Media animated programming.

Are there any high budget SVOD projects out there right now?

Currently, there are no high budget SVOD animated programs in production. However, with the increase in these types of programs, it is possible that budget breaks may be met and the newly bargained provisions will apply over the term of the contract.

Is Netflix a member of the AMPTP?

Netflix is not a member of the AMPTP and not a signatory to this Agreement. However, it’s possible that companies that produce for Netflix may be AMPTP members.

How do we develop greater leverage under this contract?

Member input is invaluable.  Over the next three years, we will hold meetings, share information and build community support. This will strengthen us as we prepare for the next round of negotiations.