Fall 2009

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Looking Out for Performers

In the entertainment world, there exists a group of individuals that are dedicated to the safety of performers, and this group is called the SAG Stunt and Safety Committee. Cue the heroic theme song.

Okay, so they may not have any cool super powers, but they are vigilant when it comes to your safety.

The National Stunt and Safety Committee’s duties include dealing with the wages and working conditions of stunt performers, as well as exploring ways of improving working conditions and safety on the set for all performers. Whether you are a stunt performer, actor or background performer, we want you to know that we are here for you. Once a month, the Stunt and Safety Committee meets to discuss issues that have come up on the set and figure out solutions. If you ever have any safety issues you would like us to discuss in the meetings, you can contact us through the National Stunt and Safety Department, located in the SAG offices in Hollywood.

This committee also reviews and suggests updates for the safety bulletins that are issued by the Industry Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee. These guidelines are provided to producers and performers to help maintain a safe set while working in hazardous conditions. If you are interested in reading the safety bulletins, they can be found on SAG.org, or contact the SAG Stunt and Safety Department for a copy.