New Media Signatory Information

Producer’s Guide to Working with SAG on a New Media Production

The SAG New Media Agreement covers original and derivative entertainment productions made for initial release on new media platforms, including the Internet and mobile devices.
Becoming a SAG Producer grants you access to the world’s most talented professional actors—and we’ve streamlined the New Media signatory process. 


We recommend completing and submitting the following documents at least two weeks prior to your first day of shooting:
1) Preliminary Information Sheet       
2) Pre-Production Cast List                
3) Script/Treatment
4) Budget (top sheet summary will suffice)

Also complete and submit documentation that indicates who is employing the actors:

5) Employer Verification.

  • Individual: Provide a copy of your I.D., and your Fictitious Business Name Statement (if applicable).
  • Corporation:  Provide your Articles of Incorporation and completed Corporation Resolution
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Provide your Articles of Organization, LLC Operating Agreement, and completed LLC Resolution Partnership or Joint Venture. Provide your Fictitious Business Name Statement (if applicable) and Partnership Agreement (if applicable). 

Once you have completed and compiled these five items, e-mail all documents to:
A SAG Business Representative will contact you within a few days to let you know if your production qualifies for the SAG New Media Agreement, and to explain the next steps to becoming a SAG Producer.

If your production qualifies, your SAG Business Representative will provide you with original documents of the Screen Actors Guild New Media Agreement and SAG-Producers Pension and Health (“P&H”) Adherence Letter to sign and return.

Once all of the preceding documents have been received, your SAG Business Representative will contact you to let you know that you are clear to begin working with your SAG cast.


During production, you will need to complete and submit SAG Performer Contracts and Production Time Reports (Exhibit Gs) to your SAG Business Representative.

If you are hiring a principal performer who is not yet a SAG member, you should submit a Principal Performer Taft-Hartley Report to your Business Representative.

If any of the first 10 background actors hired per day, on any day of production, are not SAG members, you should submit a Background Actor Taft-Hartley Report for each non-SAG member.


Payment must be made to the performer within 12 business days of the session. The Pension & Health payment is made directly to SAG-Producers Pension & Health in Burbank, CA. Specific information regarding this payment can be found on the Pension & Health Reporting Form.

And that’s it!
After production, complete and submit the Final Cast List to your SAG Business Representative. Also, submit a Pension & Health Contribution Form along with the applicable payment for each Performer and covered Background Actor to SAG-Producers P&H in Burbank, CA.
Thank you for working with Screen Actors Guild.

New Media Contracts
Phone: (323) 549-6446
Production Notes
SAG Global Rule One

Helpful information about SAG-AFTRA’s New Media contract are available in the FAQs. Click here to learn more about the pay scale for a performer working a new media production, how web series are coverd, what type of production falls within the SAG New Media Agreement and more.






November 13 2014, 6:00 pm