Commercial Signatory Information

Producer’s Guide to Working with SAG on a Commercial Production

The SAG Commercials Contract covers advertising programs generally under three minutes in length and intended for use on television, foreign, theatrical and new media.

SAG-Signatory Producers have access to the world’s most talented and professional performers for their projects, but becoming signatory does require completing a small amount of paperwork. We understand that dealing with paperwork isn’t as much fun as shooting your project, so to ease this burden we’ve created this simple guide to completing the signatory process.


Prior to auditions, prior to casting, prior to production, to use a SAG member in a commercial, there must be a SAG signatory attached to the project.  The signatory could be an advertising agency or an advertiser. If a signatory is not already attached and you would like your company to become a signatory, complete and return a Preliminary Information Sheet.

E-mail the completed form to or fax to (212) 944-6774.

A SAG Business Representative will contact you within two business days to discuss your interest in becoming a signatory and send you a packet of information and documents.

Complete and return the following five forms from your packet:

  1. Letter of Adherence (Return two signed originals)
  2. Signatory Information Sheet
  3. Corporate Resolution/Limited Liability Corporation/Limited Partnership Document (whichever is applicable)
  4. Credit Check
  5. SAG-Producers Pension & Health Adherence Letter

Once your SAG Business Representative has reviewed your documents, you may begin the audition and hiring process. At auditions, an Exhibit E Sign-In Form must be made available, which is to be returned to the Commercials Department within 15 business days of the audition date.

Upon hiring your cast, you must clear your cast with SAG to verify that the performers you have hired are in good standing. This is referred to as the Station 12 clearance process.


On the actual shoot day(s), an on or off-camera principal performer is given an Exhibit A-1 Employment Contract and an extra is given an Exhibit A-2 Employment Contract. This contract contains information on hours of work, hours for fitting, pay rate, overtime, use type (seasonal, non-air demo, cable-only, etc.), and any special provisions that apply. Complete and submit these to your SAG Business Representative:

If any members of the cast are not yet SAG members, you should submit the applicable Taft-Hartley Report, along with a head shot and resume, to the Commercials Department within 15 business days of their work date.


Payment must be made to the performer within 12 business days of the session. The Pension & Health payment is made directly to SAG-Producers Pension & Health in Burbank, CA. Specific information regarding this payment can be found on the Pension & Health Reporting Form.

And that’s it!
Remember, at any point in your production process, please feel free to contact the Commercials Department with any questions.  We have extended hours in both the Los Angeles and New York offices to better assist you in ensuring that your experience with producing a commercial under the SAG contract is a smooth and easy process.

We may be reached at (323)549-6858 in Los Angeles and (212) 827-1454 in New York.

Thank you for working with Screen Actors Guild.

Commercials Contracts
Phone: (323) 549-6858

Helpful information about SAG-AFTRA’s Commercials contract are available in the FAQs. Click here to learn more about engagement and residuals for principal performers, new media commercials, background and extra performers and more.






November 13 2014, 6:00 pm