Short Film

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Short Film Agreement
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The Short Film Agreement applies to those films with a total budget of less than $50,000 and a total run time of under 35 minutes.

Business Rep
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A detailed final cost report of the production.
Fillable PDF
Pre-production form
This is a list of performers engaged on a production that is submitted during the pre-production signatory process.
Sample PDF
Pre-production form
This form is submitted to SAG-AFTRA Membership Department to confirm the membership status of performers.
Fillable PDF
Pre-production form
Letter explaining need for Accident Report Form. This must be filled out whenever a performer is injured on set.
Fillable PDF
Production form
This form starts the SAGAFTRA-signatory process for student/short film producers.
Fillable PDF
Preliminary Information
Information provided to producers working with animals by the American Humane Association.
Informational / Guide PDF
Pre-production form